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speaking engagements

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics, including but not limited to the following three main topics: Revolution, China and linguistics.
  • (The Norwegian) Revolution
    • Foreign policy strategies for a post-revolutionary Norwegian administration: Russia, China, and Iran.
    • Post-revolutionary principles for immigration
    • The current Oslo regime and human rights
      • Why is the current Oslo regime supporting al-Qaeda groups in Syria?
      • How the Foreign Office of the current Oslo regime handles internal dissent
    • The nature and scope of the endemic corruption within the Foreign Office of the current Oslo regime
      • Case study: How a culture of corruption has enabled a major international crime syndicate to penetrate the Foreign Office of the current Oslo regime
      • Case study: How a closet homosexual within the Foreign Office of the current Oslo Regime led an entire career without being exposed, while upholding the highest NATO security clearance and while compromising national security interests
      • Case study: The Foreign Office of the current Oslo regime and its ties with the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic Party
      • Case study: The current Norwegian UNSC delegation and their past ties with Jeffrey Epstein
    • The prevailing anti-China sentiment within the Norwegian political establishment and the anti-China bias in Norwegian mainstream media. What China has to do differently in order to end it quickly and once and for all.
    • Why do some nationalists advocate closing down the Norwegian Foreign Office? What will we put in its place?
    • The Norwegian flag
  • Contemporary Chinese society
    • Culture
    • Language
    • Chinese characters
      • How many Chinese characters are there? (My answer: there are only 70,000 that you should pay attention to)
      • How many Chinese characters do i need to learn and in which sequence?
      • The Kangxi sequence and computing for the humanities
      • Chinese fonts and typesetting in an Apple environment
        • Freeware fonts
        • How to type 90,000 Chinese characters on your iPhone
        • The most expensive commercial Chinese font, the FangZheng New Kai Extended from FounderType and who should license it
    • Politics, disinformation and conspiracy theories in Western media
    • Chinese healthcare, medical and social insurance, mental healthcare, TCM, acupuncture
    • My 20 years as a patient in the Chinese healthcare system: CFS and multiple organ failure
    • Caring for a family member with schizophrenia in China
  • The Indo-European expansion
    • What languages did Europeans speak prior to the Indo-European expansion?
    • Proto Indo-European and comparative linguistics
    • Pre-IE substrata in modern European languages
    • The relationship between Uralic, Altaic and Indo-European
    • Non-IE languages on the European rim: Sami, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Rhaetic†, Etruscan†, Lemnian†, Basque, Kartvelian languages
    • The discrete distribution of agglutination and wovel harmony
    • The discrete distribution of the Uralic languages
    • What languages did Europeans speak prior to the Neolithic Revolution?
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Ingar Holst